Visiting San Francisco Chronicle

Today I visited the San Francisco Chronicle. The office spaces are exactly what I expected they would be (the movies got it right this time). We sat in on the editors’ morning meeting, where I noticed the lack of ethnic diversity in these top positions. Diversity matters because without it, there is a lack of diversity in opinions about what matters and how to portray sensitive racial issues. It made me realize how important it is for different ethnic groups to get exposed to different careers and to become educated in different fields. Today, there are stereotypes about one’s race and the likely career position that one holds because of their race, which (whether we like it or not) may be true. I believe that everyone should be in the field that best suits their talents, and I also believe that we can have more representation from every racial group in any profession. Just a few thoughts.


Who I Am

Hi everyone,

I’m Lauren Sydni and I claim both the Bay Area and New York as home. I’m in college now, and my favorite activity is talking. We can talk about anything ranging from politics and current events to sports and celebrities. Above all, I identify with my faith and my black community. I don’t have my future all figured out right now, but my dream occupation is one in which I can make a difference. None of my accomplishments would have been possible without the support of my friends and family who have helped shape me into the person I am today. My goal is to motivate, inspire, and challenge everyone around me. So join me!